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Originally Posted by Red Tiger
Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker
Th LZ near Ottawa is not too far of a drive for you (looks like Dirty Deeds, Malfrat and otehrs are coming up here for a big game Oct. 15th), is a great field and has a bunch of good players, lots of fun! Beats driving an addition 3-5 hours to go play in the Toronto area (meaning the extra driving time would be a bummer for him, not that the fields there suck).
We would have like to come but we have a big games ( Resident evil style ) With zombie and mutant and undead.

This is our last game of the year at zone 27 airsoft.

Maybe later or next year.

Sorry, forgot about that. Wasn't aware of the date though. Regardless, I'd love to see you boys up here next year.
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