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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
If you guys are really that remote, then having enough gear is your goal. You can easily buy online after getting some reviews with fare confidence. I guess what I'd do is buy two low end, but decent quality, AEGs like a couple G&G M4's. Your basically getting two for one against the price of a high end one. Start by slowly upgrading one of them as you go to get it where you need it, all the while having a backup in case something happens.
Thank you for the reassurance in the G&G name...we werent really sure if they were cheap in quality down the road or just simply inexpensive. All of us who paid more than 250 for their AEG are still wondering what the extra money went towards (side from the pink femme one that was about 300 after taxes and S&H)...
hopefully we can make a van trip this summer to get Av'd.
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