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thx for the good adviceand input windows, and ricochet
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How long is it that you have have been playing? For me, I only buy gears that are going to help my game style. If you are new, your style has not set in yet so take it slow.

If you are from toronto, I go to siege once in a while. you can borrow my TM hi-CAPA for a game or two to see if you like it.
Thanks for the kind offerthere devbro, unfortunately its 130 just in BC ferry costs just to get to vancouver for me, factor in gas and the rnd-trip travel to ANY airsoft store/arena costs us the same as a new TM....
I'd LOVE it if we had some arena experience among our group cause mike is right in the sense that i cant think of time i, or any of us, use pistols when the m16 woudnt have gotten the job done...but i love i side arms cause it looks wicked (i have a luger, sometimes my buddies 6 shooter). i wonder if we will ALL get TM secondaries once one of us bares the expense and we see the value, and maybe it will diversify the style of our play so we HAVE proper instances where the GBBP is more practical than the m16 cause i still only think about realism while shopping around for pistols...
also, your uzi is practical in play just cause it is more painfull then any other full-auto so works better for defense against storming attacks cause i dont like rushing that thing lol...(and you know im not bitching about overpower cause that extra pain, and awareness for it, makes the game way more fun) any piece that gives bleeders like the ones you gave me today is great as far as adding mental/emotional realism to the game....and fuck boots, i got callouses and can dance for days!!
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