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Originally Posted by mikebarkski View Post
100 yards!! thats crazy..i dont even think my shots ever go that far..except the kwc uzi...but i have horrible depth perception (try to imagine my guns on a football field helps tho)

WildBill needs solid boots...i've honnestly seen that hippy play barefoot, lol
86 yards (260ft) is pretty standard for an upgraded gun.
90 METERS (300ft) is the prime target for an AEG shooting 1.6j

And I'm talking effective range: 16" groupings or less, not just "I can send BBs out that far but have trouble hitting a cargo van"

A good sniper rifle will be pretty accurate to 300ft, max range in the 350-400ft range, but between the wind and minor accuracy issues, it's more luck than skill hitting anything past 300.
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