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Steyr AUG vs. Armalite magazine comparison

Not sure if this should technically be in the newbie forum but whatever.

I am in the process of procuring AEGs & gear for my son and I. Those who know me, know I predominantly used an AK47 (or variant) and the occasional Armalite. I always hated the way AUGs looked so I never picked one up.

I am now returning to Airsoft and am in the market for AEGs and chest rigs. I will likely slum it with an Armalite for myself, and my son wants an AUG. However, since I never touched and AUG I have absolutely no clue how large AUG mags are. Are they comparable to Armalite mags? Hence being able to use the same chest rig or are they larger like an AK magazine requiring a different chest rig altogether?

If anyone that knows for certain can help me that would be great. Needing two of everything is already expensive without wasting money on a rig that will not accommodate AUG mags properly.

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