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Sniper rifles can be a real pain in the donkey, but if you enjoy tweaking and trying out new platforms, then they can be a whole lot of fun. I've done the Maple Leaf route, flat hop, now r hop...different bore lengths and dimensions as well as various compression configurations. My rifle has lived in four gaming configurations so far, and yeah, when winter comes and I park it until spring, it's going to get worked over again!

I'm steadily and consistently tagging at 90 yards and have no doubt I can top 100 with a little more science. No, it's hardly instant, and there isn't a stock part left in that gun (except for externals and the trigger), but for me it's a lot of the fun!

Same goes for a revolver. Yeah, I'm a sucker for punishment...sniper rifle and a revolver. Hehehe. Don't worry, there's days I take out the finely tuned G36 based DMR and tweaked out M1911A just to feel competitive, but when you get a really sweet shot from almost 300 feet or can tag a guy on full run with revolver, well, that's a huge rush too.
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