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I think alot of the "fun" aspect is what you enjoy in a gun. For some, it's the realism of a gas blow back. For others, it's purely performance.

For me, the guns that are the most fun, are ones that just plain work. Leaving half way through the day because of malfunctions and missing game days due to parts on order is the real killer.

If you only own 1 AEG I would recommend either getting a second for the inevitability that it should break during a game or postal strike.

If you have 2 reliable guns, I would recommend good equipment that will make your games more enjoyable, such as goggles that fit well and don't fog, Boots that are comfy etc.

Once you are well set up, Then I would look at special weapons. By then you should know what kind of play style(s) you would like to try and the gun choices will become more obvious.

I would not consider WE pistols to be good. Their GBBRs are ok to good, but their pistols are not nearly as nice. When it comes to gas pistols, TM all the way.

Launchers are heavy and kind of pointless. Practically anything you can hit with a launcher, you could have just hit with your primary unless you use TAG rounds.

Revolvers are the worst. Poor accuracy, no blow back, and hard to find parts for.
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