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Originally Posted by mikebarkski View Post
Im not worried bought theft, that wouldnt happen on texada..
Uzi mike? from pr? is that you...? if so i wouldnt think the tornados or mk2s would be practical at the farm...we could probably have lotsa fun with those thunders tho....ill order a 12 pack after the postal strike and we can test em out..i also wanna try making a landmine that covers victims in flour...

also mike, stopping making ignorant comments and antagonizing people here or we'll never be allowed to play events on the island, hahaha...just cause these people have invested way more into airsoft then any of our group doesnt mean we cant intermingle....seriously, iknow you hate cops and have been mistreated pretty badly by them but talking about it here wont help, and it will leave people not wanting to game with you or anyone from our small group here.

what about the launcher attatchment??...they seem more like shotguns put onto an aeg but if they can send 100+ BBs 100ft out...that might be a cool feature...

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