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It's an AOE thing. If a tornado lands in heavy grass or brush, the surroundings can absorb thing impact making it "meh". People are starting to swear by the Cyclones.

Here's what you need to know about grenades; mostly they are used as room clearers, because tossing them into the brush means really hard to find. And they are more effective on a hard surface. They are also the most commonly stolen item, because once you throw it you must then go get it right away. Some idiots get frustrtated and toss your grenade off into the wild blue yonder once it takes them out, then pretend they have no idea where it is. So basically, it's toss and then collect.

Thunder Bs are getting banned a lot of places due to the decibel level and potential shrapnel from them going off. I've never been bothered by one, but insurance and all that I guess. They're fun as hell though, and yes you can carefully load them with stuff, but they have no consistent regulation of pressure, so any and all injuries would be on you.
thx, great info...where i play is outside with like 3 abandonded barn like structure on a huge private property (no passersby, but a few horses, iv played on horseback actually haha) so i think ill try the thunders b's with some BBs, when you say "no consistent regulation of pressure" you mean that the detonation times vary? i know they go off real quick if over packed....ppl i play with never put limits on that kinda stuff...except the time someone had a sword sheathed on their!
Im not worried bought theft, that wouldnt happen on texada..
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