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Originally Posted by Twelvecarpileup View Post
I'd recommend trying a spring shotgun first to see if you like it before getting a marui. They are pretty easy to sell after you're done with it and you'll have all the shotgun shells you need since both types use the same.

That said, if you don't have an AEG get one of those first. Shotguns are fun, but you're out gunned no matter what and the advantages of a shotgun don't really translate to airsoft.

Cyma's got some new shotguns I've been seeing online for sub $200 that look a bit better then the ones most people have.
Hahaha, for sure...once i realized how much more practical the AEG rifles are due to the whole no gas thing, being lightwieght, 450rnd mags...its just a no brainer. I sport a G&G cm16 as a primary sprayer (everything else i own, and will buy in the future, is/will be for looks or just for fun...for instance i have a kwc co2 uzi w/ 2 spare mags just to scare people if i need to (they chew through co2, but the realism is so fun), and then i like to carry dual co2 deseart eagles (makes me feel better about the size of my *****) holstered in each armpit w/ 4 spare greenGas mags on my guns will be a revolver and/or shotgun....
When i played 10 years ago i had 2 cheap (but descent) spring shotties that were really fun [back then all i had were spring pistols, one nice GBB and a KJW MK gas sniper that was fun for a week until this little paper clip-like peice that was essential to the semi-auto system broke]...these shotties one barrell but you could pump like 4 rounds into a shot but they all came out of the same spot so you had better range and accuracy with just one, maybe 2. it had a long mag that slid in under the barrel...i dont want that type...the whole attraction to the shotty for me is the idea of loading a single shell w/ 30rnds into the gun itself, and then being able to fire three shots per pump out of their own seperate barrels. Then i would be putting a new 30rnd shell in the gun every ten shots, along with my spare pistol mags i could wear one of those straps loaded with 30rnd shells...that sounds cool
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