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Originally Posted by Theesire View Post
Oh buoy anon wouldn't list his college how paranoid of him

Thanks for the help, lads, until this big load of shitposting at the end.
LOL, my thoughts exactly....why do people need to know what school your attending to help address your (perfectly reasonable) question...? im guessing their advice for your situation will vary depending on which school your attending. I bet if you disclose your major, you'll really find some presumptuous members who will make blind judgements of your character when they have no idea who you are, take bloodsports comment for instance, i dont know much about either of you guys yet i get the impression that bloodsport thinks that your a spoiled rich kid who has a "mommy and daddy" who will look after yours guns while they pay your tuition... College often involve many adult themes, however, so maybe this bloodsport has a valid point and this should be an Adult thread...oh wait he's just being rude

ANYWAYS, if you are only 8 hours from home i would bring two of your more discrete guns, play some one-on-one tag with one of your more trusting newlyfound-friends at a responsible location, never let the guns be made visible on campus or even away from that responsible location, then if you feel that general interest is growing faster than negative concerns maybe ask those interested in it about starting or joining a club...I never would have even thought of getting a club going at VIU. I left all mine at home "with mommy & daddy" (then they divorced after 25 yrs and through em out or sold them with the house or something horrible). Still, i wouldnt have had them with me until i was living off campus...Then again, im pretty sure that i was the only black man living on my campus, besides these two Nigerian exchange students.. so i had enough other unwanted character judgments bestowed upon me while living on campus...Unfortunately i left airsoft alone for a few years, but i did do some paintballing with some of the guys from the Hist department...Nevertheless 18-24 were the best years of my life, and i hope you enjoy Uni as much as i did!
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