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I will say this though:

I don't even really care what he thinks is best.
Let him find out for himself and he can decide what the difference is between a "$300" and a one that's been put together.

But you want to call me out like that? You don't want it with me man.
But FINE. I'll entertain you.
Put your money where your mouth is.
Compare a $500 gun that's been put together and your KWC Deagle gun.
Let's see what happens.

People know me.
People know what i do to my pistols.
People have held my repairs.
People have owned "my" guns.

THe point is, airsoft guns are no stranger to mechanical failure just like any piece of consumer product. Why does a computer breakdown? WHy do you need to replace an oil filter? Why do you need to replace you furnace filter?

I'm not going through the difference between a $300 base gun and $500 base gun. You had enough spoonfeeding from the other threads.

In all actuality, there is some validity to your perception. I can see why you'd think that "...a pistol with hi-availability of parts isnt as good as a pistol that wont require you to buy replacement parts for it in the first place..." I get it. The airsoft market sort of created this perception. That a pistol with "much aftermarket support must mean that the pistol breaks down a lot. Thus the need for a lot of components.

I get that.

I choose to look at them from the perspective that every gun requires improvement in order for it to be tailored to what I(ME) need it to be. I have standards. Very high one at that. And if a gun is not up to par, i either get rid of it or make my adjustments. So far, no airsoft pistol has met my specific standards out of the box. That's why when I make posts of pistols i put together, they are rigged with all kinds of shit the "average" airsofter will never need.

I mean....
This gun doesn't NEED to have an aluminum body kit installed: e's Tokyo Marui Beretta M9A1: "Wilson Combat 92G Brigadier Tactical"

But as one of my standards to replicate the Real one in terms of weight and feel, a plastic body just doesn't cut it.

See what I'm saying?
That's just one example.

I can literally walk you through a parts list of my guns and explain to you why i decided to buy and instal them. THese aren't "..just parts". THese are parts that serve a purpose.


You can look at having "a durable gun" from two perspectives:

1). Replacement

This pertains to the availability of OEM/after market parts. If you have endless support to replace any existing, broken/worn down parts, then in theory this pistol should last you a "lifetime". Correct?

2). Improvement

This takes a look at your current platform to see which aspects you would like to improve upon. For example, you may want to improve on the pot metal components by buying new parts that are made of stronger stuff (like steel).

Another thing, when someone owns a pistol for X-amount of time, they become attached to it. They know its ergonomics, they know when the hammer breaks or when the last shot is about to be fired. Or what the range of effect is. Or the they get used to the sight plane.

SO it's only natural for people to stick with what they know and feel comfortablw with. To keep this gun going, people will often put stuff into their gun to either fix it or prolong it's longevity.

What really urked me about this guy is the lack of disrespect. He did it twice now.

I mean really...
Gun docs are overpriced?

Who do you think floods this forum when someone asks about this gun or that gun. Or better put: The most reliable pistol.... WHo do you think are the people who responded to your threads?

Yes that's right. And they do it out of their own FREE time.
...And you want to insult THEM!? why? We've been nice to you bro.. LOL.

...and more importantly, who do you think created the NEED for gun doctors? That's right. It's people like you. People that don't know much about the inner workings of an airsoft weapon that break their $300 gun. It's people like ILLusion (used to be), Pestobanana and others who has to clean up your shit.

These are the guys who ensure that your slide action moves properly, or that the shims on your gears are perfect ON TOP of the repair.

Want proof?
Look through ILLusion's profile and look at all the free diagnosis he's giving.

We can take this to a real world example if you want...
Do you know who Virgil Tripp is?
Do you know who Sandy Strayer is?
Do you know who Chris Costa is?
Do you know who Gene Shuey is

If you don't know who they are, WIKI them or something.

WHy do electricians exist? Why do plumbers exists?

THese are the very people you are inadvertantly insulting...

Have you even been to see a gun doctor in Canada? I mean really?

Let's be clear here.
Airsoft is a sport and hobby. Played and enjoyed over whenever free time allows it.

So you"re asking someone to give up THEIR FREE TIME to fix your gun.
Think about it. What's the cost to give your Saturday to work on SOMEONE else's gun?

Plus, I find Canadian doctors to have very fair pricing. It's not as horrible as you think it is.

...And when your three hundred dollar gun breaks and come here to make a million posts about how to fix it, docs here are still willing to help you. We're nice like that.

Just a word of caution moving forward:
Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

No more sugar for you...
"May you fight with the strength of ten full grown men."

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