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Originally Posted by mikebarkski View Post
People who think they have the best pistol mods they've put on when really all they've done is spent hundreds of dollars to maintain a 300 dollar gun...techs overcharge parts are expensive to ship....just buy a new one that doesnt cost $500 cause that GBB will break just as quick as the $300 one...a pistol with hi-availability of parts isnt as good as a pistol that wont require you to buy replacement parts for it in the first place
I would never buy from a retailer again if they didnt communicate or provide tracking
and that cop who take my gun when it was simply sitting in its original box in the back seat of my car while going through a routine checkpoint because there "was no orange tip"....lesson learned: keep your toy guns in unmarked bags or boxes and in the trunk
Did you really just say that!?

I mean.. really!?

Boy, you've got looong a way to go bud....

Who do you think "created" "gun doctors/techs" in first the place?
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