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Originally Posted by Theesire View Post
Well I won't be bringing everything.. I have a few BDUs, two sets of kit, batteries/magazines everywhere, giant box of various weights of BBs, a dozen large style ziplock bags of tech parts for AEG/GBB, a milk crate of various small gear, a pile of various big gear, a plastic meme-shot shotgun, pistol, and three rifles..

I'll more than likely bring bbs/batteries, tech parts, two rifles (sell the rest), a BDU, a set of kit. Leave it there.

Still torn on whether to leave it or to take it, I'll be 8 hours from home so we'll see.
I'd bring and store all of my gear and parts and equipment, etc in my dorm room. Pretty much everything except the guns themselves. Try to find offsite storage or someone off campus to hold onto the guns for you. Maybe find some well established community members near the region you're going to be studying and see if they're willing to hold onto your guns for you.

I'm running the airsoft club at the University of Waterloo this term and that's what I tell all the members. Could you risk storing your guns in your dorm room? Sure, but it's certainly better not to. (I don't tell them this... It's against university policy so I tell them "No guns on campus PERIOD". That way if there's trouble, the club shouldn't be held liable and it's due to the individual member's actions although universities can be MOST unreasonable when it comes to stuff like our hobby and sport... Hopefully will never have to deal with something like that.)
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