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How much stuff do you have to begin with? I am able to pack all my gear in a small backpack and fit 2-3 guns in my gun case. If you can do that, it may worth taking the risk and keeping them in your dorm.

If you ever decide to do this, decorate your gun case with artsy logos or things that go in long carrying cases EXCEPT gun related stuff.

All in all, I think it is better for you go in without your stuff in the first month and assess the dorm. once you are comfortable then move your stuff in.
Well I won't be bringing everything.. I have a few BDUs, two sets of kit, batteries/magazines everywhere, giant box of various weights of BBs, a dozen large style ziplock bags of tech parts for AEG/GBB, a milk crate of various small gear, a pile of various big gear, a plastic meme-shot shotgun, pistol, and three rifles..

I'll more than likely bring bbs/batteries, tech parts, two rifles (sell the rest), a BDU, a set of kit. Leave it there.

Still torn on whether to leave it or to take it, I'll be 8 hours from home so we'll see.
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