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Originally Posted by mikebarkski View Post
i am a totall noob...used to airsoft when i was 16-18 living in Oregon but couldnt bring them with so havent been into it since about i am 28 and i wouldnt call the vets elitists...they are just guys who have been laying long enough to know quality a bit quicker than someone like myself....i will say this tho...TM ppl sound like mac i do wanna buy one, but i wanna get it from a store not online so i cane feel around a bit more
I would like to severely disagree with analogy. The operating system world is divided, and each has their own place. Macs are good for graphics, Windows is good for general compatibility, Linux is good for those who know how to use it. On the airsoft side, it can be seen and easily argued that TM is the only true airsoft pistol manufacturer that makes quality pistols. Do WE Glocks and KJW Sigs work? Yes, they do, but they don't work nearly AS WELL as a TM. They don't shoot as far, they don't feel as solid, and they don't last as long (generally speaking). There just isn't anybody I know of that prefers another pistol brand over TM.
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