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The P226 is an excellent gun. It's great on gas on gas and ergonomically sound. The controls are easy to access. But like it any pistol, it has its specific pitfalls. The firing pin for example is prone to breakage.

Each pistol has it's own flaws. Glocks have frame issues. 1911/hi-capa's have a barrel issues. 226's have firing pin issues. yaddi yaddi yadda.

To Mike:

The only pistol that will last you a "lifetime" is the one you make with your fingers and go PEW PEW PEW.

You can look at having "a durable gun" from two perspectives:

1). Replacement

This pertains to the availability of OEM/after market parts. If you have endless support to replace any existing, broken/worn down parts, then in theory this pistol should last you a "lifetime". Correct?

2). Improvement

This takes a look at your current platform to see which aspects you would like to improve upon. For example, you may want to improve on the pot metal components by buying new parts that are made of stronger stuff (like steel).

As this guide states and advises, go to a store and try some guns out. Coming here and asking a shit ton of questions doesn't mean anything to you if you can't experience holding these guns you are asking about.

Who knows, maybe you won't like the weight of one. Or you don't like crappy sound of plastics banging together. OR maybe you just aren't comfy holding it. No one on this forum can answer questions like these for you. In fact, we don't really give a shit how it fits your hands...but you do, right?

It's your preference. Go find it....
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