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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Tokyo Marui Sig P226. There are lots of good postols out there, KSC and TM being at the top of the pile, but that's the one. That being said, "lifetime" is a bit extreme. Postols by their nature are hard on themselves with so many small moving parts constantly rubbing against each other. So maintenance will play a part, keep it clean, keep it lubed, etc. Plus upgrades and replacement parts are available, so you can repair little things that do go. Stay on it and you can get ten plus years out of it arguably, but your average pistol has a four to five year shelf life, if used a lot.
I dunno Ricochet... There have been some issues raised with the design of the TM P226. The way the slide catch locks is by hitting the BBU. For some owners of the TM P226, this eventually wore down the BBU and made the slide catch not work as intended (and I think one of the users had some funky issues from his BBU deforming from all the impacts, might have been a rare lemon though). There's a thread on here somewhere with some owners saying they've never had a problem for a long time, while others say it wore in a few shots. Unless you're planning on going straight to a full metal kit, I'd advise against the TM P226 just from the chance you run into a lemon (the full metal kit fixes the problem by having the slide catch lock onto the frame instead of the BBU).

I'd recommend looking at the newer TM designs; HK45, USP-C, M&P9. Not a lot of aftermarket support for the HK45 and USP-C, but enough exists for some pretty nice builds.
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