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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Hard disagree. Although I don't typically wear a mask (my choice), I've had two teeth shot out and plenty of bleeders, fat lips, etc. realistically you want more protection not less. Anyways, no one wants to get hit in the face so they can feel their hits.
There's a funny thing in here where I agree and disagree.
There's so many situations where only a face is presented as a target, or where one stands up/ leans out into a field of suppressive fire, or pure oddball accidents, that my personal opinion is if you aren't wearing face protection any damage you receive is your own goddamn fault.

I most often go without when I'm outdoors, and that's my own, personal, adult problem.

If a group that I play with says "Don't do it" I won't shoot anyone in the face. Otherwise, the "Bubble of invulnerability" which extends from the top of the helmet to the sternum seems pretty retarded.

Same with wearing safety glasses without a lanyard. What the fuck were you thinking?
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