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I have played a lot of games, and FPS limits are totally dependent on the players on the field in terms of enjoyment. I've been to Brian's field a number of times with no FPS regulations, but the players were all top tier and it was amazing. I've also been to indoor public games with 350 fps limits and fucking hated it. 350fps with full auto at point blank is way more uncomfortable than 500fps at range.

The limits are in place for safety to the public. The host can't always be in control of their players and as such is a measure to balance safety with fun and keeping the crying to a minimum.

Personally, if they caliber of players were higher I'm sure we wouldn't see FPS regulations as often as we do, but it all boils down to experience, and that has taught us that for public games it is required.

As for gear. Its bullshit to say they couldn't feel it. I've worn armor of all types and have never had a problem feeling or hearing hits except at the longer ranges while in the forest. Often I will take a hit even if I am unsure of whether or not I was actually hit, to ensure fairness.

EDIT: As a side not, I'm a firm believer that RPS is more of an advantage than FPS. Being able to dump 40-50 rounds a second onto a target is far more of an force multiplier than power per shot. This also applies to CQB where trigger response adds a huge advantage, and having people rage quit because they got lit up by extremely fast semi fire is hilarious. At Nightfall 4 I got yelled at by enemies because they mistook my semi fire for auto indoors. This is where the decided factor of limited ammunition and no FPS limits is important, to prevent excessive shooting unless it is absolutely required, and prevents the game turning into who can put more ammo down range than the other team.

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