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For most people, the military gear and technology is the point. Most of us wear gear that makes what we are doing more efficient, but not all, some are there for the fashion show or to role-play. That being said, tactical gear makes a good *THWAP* when struck by a BB and most BBs are tracer-white and you can see the hit. Typically BBs are shot in small bursts as you don't know where the first one might fly off to, so sending 2-4 is average and you rarely get hit with just one, especially at a distance. As for feeling the hits, yes, tactical gear can protect you from actually feeling/noticing, but either you're not paying attention, or one fluffer shot got you on the run. Most will be aware that they are being shot at as well, so you're ready for the hit to happen. Tactical gear in this regard will never be regulated down, and when I say never, I mean never, because there isn't a stronger word than never to use. That being said, you can regulate it down on your own field, but progressive airsoft is going more tactical, not less. So when I need to carry eight mags, bags of ammo, liters of water, food, loading tools, basic med supplies, communications equipment, tape and tools, extra clothing, etc, or even a smaller kit for just a scrim, a plate carrier is the best possible choice for weight dispersion, effective/efficiency, and comfort.

As for FPS regulations, well they aren't going anywhere either and are very important. We do accept some risk by stepping into the field, but we have to have reasonable limitations for safety and sportsmanship. 1.5 joules, or similar, seems to be the magic number, but strictly indoor facilities run closer to 1.2 joules or less typically. It doesn't take much to injure someone with a BB. At under 1.5 joules I've seen someone get a BB lodged into their tongue and a variety of other injuries caused by BB strikes. I've played games with much higher FPS restrictions and lower. We've been doing this for a long time, and although we don't all agree on exactly where the best FPS limitations should be, most are fairly close, depending on field/game dynamics. 500 FPS is hard, too hard really to play generic airsoft without nearly being fully armored (mask, helmet, etc), so it has to be dumbed down from there based on engagement distances and safety. Also BB weight plays a large role as well. Most players don't run 0.20g BBs (the chrono weight), as it's just used as a measuring guideline in most cases, with the potential of your joules going up with extra weight, your velocity must come down to compensate. So no, FPS limits are intrinsic for intelligent, safe and reasonable airsoft to take place.

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