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i went to uni on van isl and i new a kid in res who got written up cause some one saw a crossbow in his truck......where do ppl get off going all the way to housing management to report the legal contents of another mans truck (with alberta plates) only crime there is the person snoopin trucks in the parkin lot if ya ask me (they didn't...pfft)

but if you are id say keep it consealed and dont tell anyone (never trust your dorm friends completey during the first month, dont get me wrong, some will be there for both your wedding and funeral, but that first month you meet alot of ppl who turn out to be douche bags)'s what i did while attending a liberal arts uni: moved into dorms, met EVERYONE in the first month, found out who was gunna rat me out for shit in the second, and find a place off campus with a few of the cooler people just before they evict you in the third month
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