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Which College is it?

I can tell you right now "asking" if you can bring your airsoft guns into your residence will automatically result in a very awkward talk with your floor leader, whoever runs the residence, and/or the dean.

Most residences prohibit any sort of "gun" including paintball guns, airsoft guns and RS guns (obviously). Some even go as far as prohibiting water guns and nerf guns, hence why most residences feel like living in a prison if anything.

It should say in your residence agreement you had to sign though what is and isn't allowed. If it states paintball guns, I would consider airsoft guns under the same ruling as them as well.

I went to school at a "Northern Ontario College" and stayed at the residence for my first year. I simply brought all my airsoft gear in a tennis bag so no one would question me. My roommate knew about it, but I didn't tell everyone in the residence I did it. People are weird about guns espicially at schools. Never ran into an issue, I will say though, it's college, go party assuming it is your first year.

If you find yourself sitting in your obsessing over airsoft you are doing College wrong.
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