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Originally Posted by pewbiubiu View Post
I've placed a $700 order on Hero Outdoors, a aeg and a magazine, nothing special.

Order was placed last Wednesday, it's been a week now, it's still awaiting for shipment. I'm aware they have a off-site warehouse, but really? It takes more than a week to ship out something like a airsoft gun?

Is it normal processing speed of them? Has anyone else had similar experience with them? Should I just cancel my order?

Plus I've found that their prices are somewhat random. An Odin speedloader asking for over $125, cerakoted Krytac SPR asking for nearly $1000. They did do price match on the Krytac LVOA, but it's still $5 more than T-A's selling price..(This part is just my rant)
I once called them first for the item availability before I placed the order online. They told me the item was in stock, so I placed the order. Then later they told me the item was actually not in stock and I had to wait for a few weeks.

Fortunately I was able to get full refund but already lost trust on them.

Their price for airsoft guns also becomes too high to an extent I no longer check their site any more.

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