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I don't think anyone feels sorry for me. I've demonstrated the capability to be able to write out a set of basic rules and guidelines that thousands of players have read and followed over the years. I don't know why you look so poorly on people writing things in their own words.

If we want to get to the crux of the issue, and we'll just ignore the fact that yes the MMG rules make zero sense and only exist as a relic of the CTRL+C / CTRL+V-ing, that your failure to proof read your ruleset has told people that your in game tactical command to stop firing at a target is also your game needs to stop for safety reasons administrative command, or that you really don't seem to have a cohesive vision for the game other than show up, do whatever you want and be awesome!!

The issue some people are having is, yes, blatant plagiarism of pages and pages of text, word for word, copy and pasted from another event organizer in the community. It's not okay. It doesn't matter if "oh other people do ittttt~" or that Ice Back also heavily lifted from MSW Rules. It's. Not. Okay.

Writing rules is by far the easiest part of hosting an event. It takes less than an hour of your time. You just have to write out what you want people to do. Bam. Done. It's that simple. Shit, we are writing things right now.

But when people see you cutting the easiest but also one of the most important corners, they ask themselves "What other corners is he willing to cut?" Maybe some people might begin asking themselves: Is your field properly safetied? Do you have adequate insurance? Does he even care if people enjoy their time or putting on a quality Airsoft event? These all become legitimate concerns that domino from your demonstrated behavior as an event host.

So while those questions are cropping up, you are going out and calling them fools, diva's, putting stickies in your Facebook bunker calling people out for being troublemakers and than talking yourself up and how great you are. You go out of your way to shut down any criticism or suggestion and your response has typically been look at how great I am.

But admitting that you are a dick does not make you immune from criticism. People have raised legitimate concerns regarding any number of issues, and your response has been shut that shit down and talk about how great you are and how awesome whatever it is you are doing - that is the typical calling card of scam events for the last god knows how many years in Airsoft. Like Scamsoft 101 type behavior. People are right to be skeptical. People have been burned countless times from people demonstrating your exact mannerisms and attitudes.

But if you can't figure out why people might have an issue with you stealing from their close personal friends (many people have close ties to MSW up here) or others in the community - and doing it as a for-profit entity... There is nothing we can do to help you. It's just such a basic level of common sense and it is baffling how you don't get it

Or, maybe you do get it and don't care. Maybe you are are okay with exploiting people for money. I wonder why people wouldn't want to give their money to someone like that?

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