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What's funny and actually pretty sad is that I don't want to actually do this. I had planned to setup something in January at the site for a July game as most of us smelt the failure at that time of Iceback 2016.

This -> "It just seems like a number of people who try and host big grandiose events tends out of absolutely nowhere also tend to have the personality that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and anything other than accepting their brilliance is heresy."

is what airsoft is becoming.

I'm actually easy going and much rather put my feet up at my lake house for 7 days with my family that sweat my balls off building checkpoints, bunkers and setting up safety lines but I guess that's part of my greater than sliced bread personality.

Don't get me wrong I am a dick, I don't suffer divas or fools or combos of both. I tell people the truth and most people in this community seem to like a little sugar coating. I'm not asking for them or you or anybody else to like me as I have enough friends but as a community of players I would have thought that anybody putting on a scenario would get people's support rather than people complaining about rules being copied from MSW years ago and used throughout events like this one or Iceback or similar.

If all you have is to complain on the interweb well I'm sorry for you as I'm sure most are.
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