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As the organizer I can tell you that we are aloud to use 5 buildings, one being a 44,000 sq foot school as well as approx. 600-800 feet of tunnels from building to building.

All of these areas have been abated in the last year and are now asbestos free (NOP available and was provided to the insurance rider). Approx. space is 190 to 202 acres of buildings, tunnels, fields, woods and roads.

All of the non entry buildings are boarded up and are going thru abatement in their schedule. A corn field that is about 200' x 200' is also out of play as their building a maze for Oct.

Any questions convo me or PM me on Facebook. Group on FB is called Operation Red Dawn. We are also not promoting it as a milsim but as a scenario as I realize that "milsim" tends to butt hurt people. Game rums from Friday night at 6pm thru to Sunday noon. Trigger Airsoft has donated approx. $3000 in prizes and depending on ticket sales we will try to match that number. Grand prize being a Krytac LVOA.
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