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Originally Posted by Off_kilter View Post
In his ruleset he copied a now defunct rule that precluded MMGs from firing from an unsupported position. This was to balance the fact that they had a 50' med and a higher FPS(key part).

He still has the med but the fps is the same as other AEGs.

My friend was asking why that is and it basically made it pointless to bring a MMG.

I read the convo and it was quite civil.

I was considering organising 10 of my dudes to go as it looks like a sweet AO. After he just out of hand blocked one of my guys I know I wont ever support his events with words or dollars.
I saw that rule but as I'm not bringing anything classed in that I just disregarded it. But yeah, it looks like an artifact that shouldn't be there.

If you would like I could give him a chat up. It's pretty possible he was just caught at the wrong time. Iceback waited until the last second to cancel and he's putting this together as fast as he can. It's pretty high stress and he's being bombarded by a million questions so I can understand him being short with people.

Reason is: I want to see this happen.

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