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Originally Posted by Deltastronk View Post
Not so much "porting over" as it is blatant plagiarism. Incredibly large chunks from Milsim West's TACSOP (Their official rule set) were copy and pasted into the rules. Not inspired by, but entire pages of content just lifted word for word. That to me is an automatic red flag.

And funny enough it wouldn't be the first event organizer to have taken directly from the MSW TACSOP either. People love to steal from that thing.
Is it so terrible if the rules seem to work? I'm pretty sure members of the milsim group that are putting this on have attended milsim west games (I to recall having that conversation with one of them at iceback last year). Maybe they enjoyed that ruleset a lot and wish to use them in Canada?

I met some of them at Iceback, they seemed like quite friendly guys.
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