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definitely lots of players in the barrie area, both fields you have mentioned get about 20-40 players each every sunday. wasaga is $28 to play and barrie is slightly more(7 dollars i think)

both have a field limit of 400 fps and bio bbs are a requirement.

games are hosted every sunday at wasaga by Sir-Games-A-Lot.
and games at barrie paintball are hosted by Canada Wide Airsoft.

we generally use our facebook groups for chatter.

2 main groups in barrie are

BAAR ( barrie area airsoft reserves )
Sir Games A Lot Airsoft.

both groups are super friendly and always helpful to new players.

many of the players in the area belong to both groups, neither are formal teams but both have milsim teams which are composed of many of the same players.
baar milsim and the knights attended Nightfall 5 this year under the BAAR name.

pm me if youd like to know more. im on here every few days.
if youd like pm your name and i will add you to both groups on FB.

We also have age verifiers out to many of our weekly games.
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