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Originally Posted by pewbiubiu View Post
Good to hear! I'm thinking about buying from evike, as asgi sold out the foliage green version. But I could go with the FDE version, they look sexy too.

Did you get charged for any fees duty anything?
expect duty fees and taxes, plus the conversion rate to all be added on at the border.

Do not try to sneak it across, if you get searched and found with it you will face tough penalties/jail time.

Do the math, sometimes if you can find it in Canada for basically the same price its not worth the border run risk.

Ultimately anything being brought across is up to the individual border security agents interpretation of the rules, if he/she/they feel it does not meet the requirements they can seize it and then put the onus on you to spend months trying to get the decision overturned before they destroy it.

Once you are age verified, you will also gain access to a ton more information regarding all this, as well as the buy/sell sections.
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