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VFC SCAR-L - First game, many problems...

I've played strictly indoors before this year with my ICS G33 and it's been rock solid, with no issues.

I got my first game in outdoors this last weekend, and rolled out with my VFC SCAR-L. I sighted it in in my basement with no issues, but the second I tried gaming with it, it all went to hell. Same battery, mags, etc. I did go from .25g Prototype BBs in my basement to .28g Valkens at the field though.

  • First ten to fifteen rounds of each mag dribble out of the barrel or don't fire at all
  • Sometimes two rounds would fire
  • After the first 15-20 I'd get regular firing but range was maybe 50' with a huge arcing drop

Adjusting the hop-up got my range out to maybe 70' but I was still lobbing rounds at this point. I don't have an outdoor space at home to diagnose anything at longer ranges, the best I can do is maybe 40' of space in the basement.

I have to admit I was confused, everything worked great before the game. Bad BBs? Something else I should consider checking? I know that there was a bad batch of Valken .28s but these were new and from an authorized dealer so I know that these ones were not recalled (and I trust the store/field that sold them to me).

I know that the VFC internals are not great so I'm prepared to replace anything/everything with better quality components if necessary!
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