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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
Seems like in many of these busts replica firearms outnumber real ones by 3 to one...
Makes you wonder how many of these "gangbangers" are actually carrying toys.....

But I guess if a group of guys that all pull out guns as long as one of them is real the effect would be the same.. Not a positive trend that is for certain

LOL, you just reminded of a story my friend told me some time ago.

Back in the early-mid 90s my friend had a job at a small men's suit store. One day, while things were slow and he was alone, some guy came in, pretended to look around and when my buddy wasn't looking...whipped out a small pistol and hold him to empty the cash. But my friend recongnized his "weapon" as a airgun and told him to 'f' off. The guy still tried to convince him to empty the cash. My buddy then tried to grab the airgun from the theif and they got into a small skirmish. After a minute or so the guy just wiggled himself free and ran off.

Now that he looks back on it, he realizes he shouldnt have tried to tackle the dude. but still gets a laugh from the memory or the dude pulling out a airgun.

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