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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
For $300-$400 grab a G&G. Then you'll have some cash left over for batteries, a charger, mags, ammo, a sight, some minor upgrades (start with an R-Hop), etc.

There's no perfect gun in that price range, but this is a good start.
Alright, Could you recommend something besides the Combat machines? Like how are the GR16's, GC16's, GC1-46's, TR4-18, CM18 (unless its Combat Machine) GC12's, etc?

I've already got myself a redot, angled foregrip and a smart charger (use it for my RC car) so I should be alright in that department. I'm setting aside another $150 for BDU, goggles, and other small things like AMMO and partial upgrades if needed.

The VFC might end up being the best choice as everyone say's they're pretty good except for the auto-shimming gears. Thoughts? I'm trying to stay away from G&G Combat Machines just due to how unreliable they are...

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