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Which Friggen brand to get? (Yes i've done my research) $300-400 range

Hey! So. Yes, I've read the stickies here, and have done searching after searching TRYING to choose a gun. But it seems like everything about every manufacture has some contradiction and its making it extremely hard trying to find a trustworthy manufacture to dump my money into.

G&G Is a good starter weapon some people say, but then others say the CM line is utter crap and you better go look for a different gun. Same with VFC, everythings good except for the self shimming (I am considering the Vr-16 Combat Machine except i would need to buy new gears and fix the shim, then a better piston, etc etc.) Then there is G&P, which are good but have utter embarrasing internals. "Well", i should stay away from, Tokyo Mauri is way to expensive for my budget, And other than that, I'm clueless. Classic Army tends to get alot of lemons.. and yeah. :/

So, my real question is. I'm looking for a reliable, starter M4, and a decent company that follows along with that. Something that won't break in the first year of use. (IF that's possible) Oh, and something decently accurate, and as close as possible to 80-100% compatible with TM parts, all of this for around $300-400 if possible. I don't want a crap shooter though, I've played some games of airsoft with a cheap Co2 pistol and am willing to invest in the hobby.


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