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I have a few thoughts on this matter and I voted yes.

From what I have read from everyones reponses that have said no. You guys have pretty much said that you don't want irresponsible people to handle airsoft guns or even participate in this activity. Also, some people refered that if "airsoft" wasn't underground and was common like paintball you would get alot of 12 year olds running around just like paintballers.

I personally feel that if you set certain expectations about airsoft. Only the responsible and interested ones will participate in airsoft. The reason why I said this is because if you set the expectations that any dishonest or irresponsible person that comes out to an event will not be tolerated and will probably not ever be invited back. If they are irresponsible they will probably not drop 1g on an aeg and equipment to come out and act like a dink then not be invited back. Yes, someone may buy an aeg then go act like an outside of the airsoft community, however this action doesnt reflect on the airsoft community just on the fact that if you give an irresponsible person the power to injure or seriously harm someone it will probably happen. That is why so many people die from drunk drivers, however you dont see everyone banned from driving an automobile.
I think we should educate people about airsoft, set the expectations high and accept no less and let them decide whether or not it is for them. I think an info session would be great to do this.
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