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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
I honestly think "Trying" them in store is no better predictor of user compatibility than lying down in a mattress store to see if it's right for you.

I ran px4's my whole life and i regret not getting a glock because it feels much better, fits my hand snugly, well weighted, and the recoil is just right.

Get into the game, try something either rented or borrowed. If you like it, get what you want and trade around if you want to try something else.
First, love Emperor's New Groove. Excellent choice of image.

Agree completely about the trying the mattress thing, Made the mistake of grabbing an MX Brown based keyboard first, and ended up not liking it after. After, I spent a good 20 minutes hammering away in a computer store before I settled on my current Keyboard (Filco, MX Blacks) and have not regretted that choice since (the past 3 years).
However, I've generally been pretty good with paper evals on things I buy/want in terms of fit/feel otherwise. Shortlisted the 500 Abarth, FiST, and a Mini (in that order after months/year of research), and went with the Abarth after the test drive. Auto show half a year later confirmed it, as I didn't fit in the FiST (arm space was wrong, kept hitting the door..), and Mini (same thing with the arm). Interior interface on the other two also wasn't as good for me. Been happy with my decision for the past 2 years with my Abarth! Of course the ND MX-5 as well, but they priced that out of my range.. Would love and hate Honda if they brought the S1000 though.

They're short listed because I know the grip shape on the Glocks would forever annoy me, and I just couldn't consistently point it. Will definitely follow up with more in game evaluations as they become available though. Uncle does have a 1911, I'll see if I can run that for a game or two to see if it correlates with what I think... If it does, then it'll be a no to glocks/1911/hi-capas.

I get rather picky when it comes to ergonomics, so when something seems to work well, I get very interested.

Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Let's be real, you may very well buy 5 different guns in your first year. Don't worry about it TOO much, you can always change up lol
Nooo, I refuse. Just the M9A1.

Maybe a Sig.. Oh that HK45 did look good too...
Definitely a P90, and that SL8 conversion for the TM G36C..

Nice L96 build...


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