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Hopped into Airsoft Depot to get a feel for some basic equipment, and to check out the gun selections... solidly told myself to not buy anything til I step onto a field first.

Thankfully the things I liked weren't really in stock.

- Don't like glocks. Front grip profile is a bit too square. Pointed OK, not that well
- 1911/Hi-Capa has the same issue, too squared off for my hands. Couldn't get past that, so unfortunately the most common platform is probably a no-go for me. I do like how the TM Hi-Capa weighed though...
- They had no P226s, but someone had a personal P229 available to handle. Really liked it, nicely shaped grip for my hands. Tends to point a bit down for me, but I'm not sure if that was due to the balance being off (mag gone). Very comfy overall, but grip was a bit wide. Might have to consider the E2 for grip profile.
- Out of sheer curiosity, picked up a Beretta M9. That was not a good idea. Grip is a good size, shaped well for me. Always pointed exactly where I wanted it, immediately. Good balance overall for my hands.

Pistol short list, M9A1, P226 E2.

Would like to see how the HK45 feels (grip looks good), but can't find stock around me. Should get that AV done...

- No P90. Expected, but remains the primary contender til I can hold one.
- M4 and family: Ergonomics don't work for me. I just can't shoulder it well, and I find the stocks ride high/get a bit uncomfortable. Couldn't get down to the irons comfortably.
- G36 fit me well. stock fits my shoulder, do like how it pointed Would remove the handle/integrated sight (seriously terrible integrated sight on that) and hopefully run my own red dots.
- Didn't like the stock on the VSR/clones.
- L96 was where I expected it, fit me better than the VSR.

AEG/Rifle list; P90, G36. L96 down the line.
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