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AV Removed, buyer beware.
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Location: Ayr, Ontario
VFC/Umarex HK416 (stock, for now)
Echo1 ST6 (upgraded, mild)
Ares G36c (upgraded, mild)
Classic Army G36s (Daytona kitted, Redline regulator, 4500 tank)
WE Glock 17
WE Sig 226

2 kids and a gf. I make shit money, I make sure I feed the kids at least...

Forgot to mention, I also run an airsoft fight club. His name was Robert Paulsen...
VFC HK416 - Ares G36c - Echo1 ST6
Tokyo Marui HK45 - WE Sig Sauer P226

(Ignore my warning, I`m awesome)

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