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Again I enjoy low volume play as I come from stock class in paintball (pump action, no "assisted" feeding), which is why I'm looking at DMR platforms. I do understand accuracy comes from different factors, I just like low fire rate with moderate to high accuracy!

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If you prefer low volume of fire have you considered a DMR platform? M14, SR-25, etc. Most fields limit DMRs to semi auto only, limit to certain models (usually based on 7.62x51 or similar) and depending on the field you may be entitled to a higher muzzle velocity.

Just that starting out as a sniper usually means wasted money/quitting the sport for newcomers. Make the sniper rifle your vanity/side project gun rather than the one you run around the woods with.
Thoroughly enjoy low volume fire, but definitely a vanity project. I like things without batteries, gas sources.. self contained gun that just needs ammo to fire is very appealing to me.

Trying to find some information on DMR setups, what are the usual platforms they're built on? The M14 looks nice, I read it uses V7 gearboxes? Seems to be a bit more difficult to find upgrades for them.
*edit* forgot to mention, The G36 looks decent as well. I do like the stock design on the G36V... Any opinions on that platform?

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Most of your points have been touched on. I will say as mentioned use your PB eyepro till you find what you like.
Get out to some games get some loaner or rental guns in hand see wht you like then buy.
And welcome!
Season opener at finch field this Saturday would he a good spot to check out gear and guns. Even if you just pop in to say hi and meet some folks.
Thank you, and thank you for the invite! Finch Field is a bit far for the time being, but I'll definitely keep an eye out in the future.

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Ok, did not read it all, but got some highlighted points from skimming it. I also came over from paintball after I was done back in 2006 (Angel 05 / A1 / PM6) where my lovely guns back then,

Anyways, note my info may be totally not related to what you wrote

- You made the right choice coming over from Paintball, because 4000 rounds of bb's are $15-20 bucks, as opposed to 2000 paintballs are $100-150
I ran stock class pump, paintball costs were negligible. The included 100 rounds when you sign up could last me 3 hours =D

Also meant I could never really purchase a case (or even a 500 round bag...) of higher quality paint... but eh.
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- As suggested, try out Siege Airsoft for a few indoor games, see what you like
Most likely headed there next Friday!
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- Top brands
--> for Gas blow back Pistols (GBBP); Tokyo Marui
--> for Auto Electric Guns (AEG): VFC
--> Gas blow back rifle (GBBR): GHK, Tokyo Marui MWS, KWA MP7/MP9
Was looking at VFC and krytac for fun (don't like the profile.. yes I'm weird), and the VFC avalon calibur CQC is the only one I'm really interested in.
Krytac trident mk2 CRB seems nice as well (mosfets from stock and so on), but eh, that same M4 ish body... Maybe I'll warm up to it in time.
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- People do not recommend you start off with a sniper as your first gun, you should do that later in a build.
- The best bet in my opinion is to get a M4, and make a stubby version, look into their VR16 lines, affordable too.
--> you can build multiple uppers to have a DMR and CQB platform.
--> M4 has most parts to change it into whatever you like.
definitely down the line for a sniper build, probably going P226 -> P90 -> sniper. First two might rotate around depending on difficulty finding a P90.
Originally Posted by BioRage View Post
- There are some pistols you should avoid, i.e Marui 5'7, better look into the P226 as you mentioned, the G17, 1911, Hicapa, and their newer line up of pistols (USPC, HK45, M&P9)
--> E2 is the "newer" version with a slimmer grip then the traditional P226R (railed)

You can run your Vprofile until you can afford a better setup for goggles, I run two dye i4's atm, and they do not fog, surprisngly. Only other recommendation for goggles be fan ones from revision (desert locus) $$)

--> Go into a store, and ask to hold items ... toronto airsoft, airsoft depot, etc. see what you like, don't buy on impulse, do extensive research after you find something you like.
Thanks for the pistol tips, will probably check out Toronto Airsoft due to its proximity to Siege and STC. Depot maybe when I have a bit more time (Works schedule is a bit funky)!

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Yes, L96 internals are very similar to the VSR, except the Hop-up is way worse (which is the main part) and the loading fin device can be problematic. Obviously the longer the gun, the more difficult to manage/wield, but that's a personal thing. Same goes for heavier versus lighter, but either you can make it work or you can't. Usually the shorter you are the more trouble longer guns will give you trouble. Sniper rifles are a huge cost versus time investment to be even worth to field and there's still a 95% chance we'll tuned AR's will beat you up. Even if you're stuck on a sniper rifle project, which is okay, it's 100% advisable to get yourself a solid AR platform first, so you always have a gun.
Still not very good with searching for airsoft terminology so I'm having a bit of issue finding the difference between the L96 and VSR hop up units. As far as I've been able to dig out, the L96 hop up is more cramped with tons of preloaded springs to lose; and found two mentions of actual performance problems vs the VSR. Is it the hop up arm doesn't apply enough pressure?

I knew about the weaker loading fin and found some early information on a metal upgrade to it, was it only Creation that made the aluminum fin?

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I didn't like the E2 version over the original. They don't seem to handle green gas as well and it becomes sluggish. Original style P226 will run for ten years most cases, without issue if you clean it/maintain it, etc.
So I finally ran into the difference between 134a and green gas.. Did not know there were initial problems in early TMs (and some later ones). I'm surprised that the E2 can't handle green gas as well as the earlier ones, do you happen to know if that applies to the current P226Rs? The web description for the P226R on Toronto Airsoft seems to indicate there was some update to it (and as far as I've been able to gather, the new E2 magazines work in both)
Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
1911 side profile is tricky. It's almost as wide front to back as an average 9mm, but not quite and they're much slimmer side to side.

Don't worry about your paintball style so much, as airsoft is typically a little different, so you'll have to acclimate one way or another. There's enough similarities though that you'll be alright.
Good to know, Thanks!

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Perfect example;
VSR-10 shooting 1.65j with .30s
12" grouping at 260ft, dead silent from 10ft

MK18 shooting 1.6j with .30s
12" grouping at 260ft, semi-auto, loud

M14 socom with suppressor
shooting 1.55j with .30s, semi auto, dead silent from 20ft

Like I said, the only benefit to bolt action is to get in a higher muzzle energy to run heavy rounds and shoot farther. But within typically 250ft, it's a level playing field against everyone else with a properly upgraded AEG.
So below 250ft, it's a handicap. But handicaps are fun. I'm just in the process of building my own M24 right now.
My phantom never shot any further, nor more accurately than properly tuned shockers, angels, Cockers, ions, Tippmans, etc. (am I dating myself a bit with those markers? >_>). Definitely a handicap due to the low volume, but I like having the limited fire as it forces emphasis on shot placement. Yeah if someone rushed me and sprayed it was a bit of a disadvantage, but eh, part of the life as a stock class player. Pump is slightly faster than a bolt action, but I'm no stranger to just firing one or two rounds every few seconds on a field surrounded by double triggers and burst fire.

Absolutely love having someone fire ropes of paint, and taking them out with one >=)

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