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Ok, did not read it all, but got some highlighted points from skimming it. I also came over from paintball after I was done back in 2006 (Angel 05 / A1 / PM6) where my lovely guns back then,

Anyways, note my info may be totally not related to what you wrote

- You made the right choice coming over from Paintball, because 4000 rounds of bb's are $15-20 bucks, as opposed to 2000 paintballs are $100-150
- As suggested, try out Siege Airsoft for a few indoor games, see what you like
- Top brands
--> for Gas blow back Pistols (GBBP); Tokyo Maru
--> for Auto Electric Guns (AEG): VFC
--> Gas blow back rifle (GBBR): GHK, Tokyo Marui MWS, KWA MP7/MP9

- People do not recommend you start off with a sniper as your first gun, you should do that later in a build.
- The best bet in my opinion is to get a M4, and make a stubby version, look into their VR16 lines, affordable too.
--> you can build multiple uppers to have a DMR and CQB platform.
--> M4 has most parts to change it into whatever you like.

- There are some pistols you should avoid, i.e Marui 5'7, better look into the P226 as you mentioned, the G17, 1911, Hicapa, and their newer line up of pistols (USPC, HK45, M&P9)
--> E2 is the "newer" version with a slimmer grip then the traditional P226R (railed)

You can run your Vprofile until you can afford a better setup for goggles, I run two dye i4's atm, and they do not fog, surprisngly. Only other recommendation for goggles be fan ones from revision (desert locus) $$)

--> Go into a store, and ask to hold items ... toronto airsoft, airsoft depot, etc. see what you like, don't buy on impulse, do extensive research after you find something you like.
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