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Originally Posted by devbro View Post
Look up posts that i started. Someone gave a very well plan and details as to how get a pistol and game some najor suggestions.
Thanks, took a look at it! I've already considered points 1, 2, and 4 in that post and just need to get an idea how well point 3 works out for the P226 variants.

Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
I've never heard anyone describe a 1911 as being "big and chunky". Are you sure you're talking about the right pistol? lol
Anyway they suck in airsoft since they use single stack mags. Not enough gas capacity.
...I'm not sure why, it just looks big and chunky to me. Length of barrel overhang in front of the trigger, grip shape... The proportions make it look weird and chunky to me.

I have weird aesthetic tastes.
Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Read the "how airsoft guns work" thread.
In short;
don't use silicone lube anywhere but gas gun seals
barrel length means nothing
barrel bore is largely inconsequential if you're not shooting much
barrel quality is everything
the hop rubber is most of your range and accuracy
heavier and higher quality BBs are the key to shooting accurately to 300ft
- Checked out the physics thread, was interesting. Are ported cylinders found normally, or is it more of an aftermarket upgrade thing? Different mentality to paintball where you want low pressure to prevent the paint from popping...
- I gathered that most internal seals are standard rubber since the propane additives (the GunGas stuff from AI) are Silicone oil, would the lube have issues with most plastic frames? I have Air tool oil that I use for my Phantom, safe for airsoft frames?
- Decently well versed with round-projectile-pushed-by-gas physics from paintball (LAPCO tests showed 10.75" as optimal, ported at 11" for airflow; Phantom stock barrels are stepped and fluted internally at the last 1-2" for smoothing air/sound properties; Freak style inserts are only 6" long, then the rest of the barrels are for airflow stability/noise suppression via porting) so I can definitely understand the need for optimal barrel length. Beyond stabilizing a BB at 1.5-3", is there a known length for AEGs where they're optimized? Granted the end goals with efficiency in paintball vs airsoft are different (paintball you optimize for shot count since the ammo is always the same, and there is a hard FPS limit), I can understand if no one's bothered or cared to find out.
- Will look into hop up rubber down the line, definitely. Stock TM rubber is supposed to be decent though, right?
- The talk of Bio BBs, are some/most considered higher quality for accuracy purposes? Just found the ASC thread on Bioshot and going through the test data.

Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
the only thing bolt action rifles have over AEGs/GBBRs/HPA as an advantage is usually being allowed higher muzzle energy, which means heavier ammo and a bit more range.
Their potential for accuracy isn't actually higher unless you're running heavier ammo.
Range is nice, but I fully understand that be it AEG/Sniper/Pistol, the range maximums are pretty close when the ammo is the same. I just like the way the L96 looks, and it fits well with my general playstyle (minus being compact). In the case of general accuracy though, I take it that a certain level of volume fire is almost always required to hit someone? On the level of the pistol I'm not expecting perfect accuracy and will take some volume of fire.
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