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I've never heard anyone describe a 1911 as being "big and chunky". Are you sure you're talking about the right pistol? lol
Anyway they suck in airsoft since they use single stack mags. Not enough gas capacity.

Read the "how airsoft guns work" thread.
In short;
don't use silicone lube anywhere but gas gun seals
barrel length means nothing
barrel bore is largely inconsequential if you're not shooting much
barrel quality is everything
the hop rubber is most of your range and accuracy
heavier and higher quality BBs are the key to shooting accurately to 300ft

the only thing bolt action rifles have over AEGs/GBBRs/HPA as an advantage is usually being allowed higher muzzle energy, which means heavier ammo and a bit more range.
They're potential for accuracy isn't actually higher unless you're running heavier ammo.
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