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Gathering basic information...

Good Evening ASC!

First thing's first, to the admins/mods: I actually don't know if I have another account on ASC. About 7-9 years ago I did a lot of searching on sports to invest into and I don't know if I made an account to lurk with. Will there be repercussions related to having multiple accounts if I don't remember if another exists? Any way to check? Thanks!

Moving on...
You have been warned, this will be a wall of text!

Been paintballing for a while now, but most of the people I went with have moved on to Airsoft, or throwing sticks with larger sticks (Archery). As much fun as archery is though, it's more of a relaxing/endurance sport rather than a PvP sport.

Just as a frame of reference, my paintball loadout was:
- VForce Profiler
- 10 "pod" harness
- Deadlywind barrel + brass "freak" style inserts
- Stock Class CCI Phantom, 10 round feed with dropout changer.
I have my setup tuned to pinpoint shots out to 70 feet, with one or two shots (no sight installed). I absolutely dislike high ROF, I get very little enjoyment (actually I find it a bit frustrating/annoying) from shooting one target with many shots. I walk onto the field with 100 rounds, or less, and enough gas supply to shoot maybe 200-250 at best.

I've begun looking into Airsoft, and was hoping there were some basic questions I could have some help with. I've done some basic searches here on ASC and google in general, but Airsoft's a lot harder to find information for... I hope I'm not breaking the rules by asking for some shopping advice (NOT gun related, will play a few games first to get a feel before getting AVed).

To start with, I'm probably going to join my uncle the next time he heads out with his buddies for Airsoft. First thing I'm probably going to hunt for is protective gear (as tempting as it is to grab a gun immediately, safety first). I've managed to dig out information on the primary recommendations: ESS NVG/Profile, Smith Optics OTW or Boogie, Revision Desert Locust or Exoshields. I am asian so I'm definitely considering the Asian fit designs, but I was wondering do Airsoft fields carry the variety of goggles to test both regular and asian fit, for... fit? To start with I'll probably grab the Smith Boogies or Exoshield before moving into a frame/lens setup for cost reasons but I'd like to see if I'll run into gaps around the nose.

*edit* Forgot to ask about the ESS AVS Influx. Saw that on the products page, but there's next to no information online in regards to reviews. Anyone have information about them? The theory that you can use the tab to increase airflow seems rather appealing when the main point of discussion is fogging with all other goggle based systems without fans, and it seems to be an alternative airflow design to the Smith Optics Regulators.

Related to above, will mesh masks also be easily found at fields for purchase/rent?

As a paintballer, I played stock class (CCI Phantom!). For those who don't know, it means you run on a marker with 10-15 rounds loaded at max, NO gravity feed (rock and cock), you manually cycle the bolt with a pump, and you use 12g CO2 as your primary gas source. I absolutely loved the low profile, high efficiency, and lightweight playstyle it offered (100 paintballs could easily last me 3 hours of play, since my max rate of fire was probably 1 round a second with the accuracy of a single shotgun pellet). I REALLY like the L96 stock design, but the weight is probably going to be above what I like to use in more compact situations (fully loaded my phantom probably weighs less than the rental steel HPA tanks at most fields). I do eventually want to grab a sniper rifle though (surprise, newb wanting a sniper!), but I will back my reasoning with the fact that I DO like low volume, high precision play. I AM used to running around, and relocating. The L96 will probably happen down the line, once I get used to Airsoft.

For that reason, SMGs and most rifles don't interest me too much. I like low volume of fire, and compact (profile) play. I also don't like how the M16 and related rifles look (sorry!). AKs are too visually imbalanced for me. One exception to the rule is the P90. I love the theory behind it (bullpup config, plus super compact), but would like to handle one prior to making a decision. Based on quick web searches I'm finding the only two I might get access to in Canada are the G&G and the Tokyo Marui variants. I don't want (or need) specific retailer information, but are they reasonably easy to find to see how comfortable they are, or make comparisons for how the builds feel? Generally, I'm more interested on how easy or difficult it might be to acquire one in the future.

More than likely though if I do start investing into the sport, I'll be going with a pistol first due to my preferences in play (low RoF, compact, lightweight, low capacity), and being a functional secondary gun when I grab a larger primary (...probably an L96, or a P90. Or both.). I don't really like how big and chunky the 1911 is, and they appear to be very easy to find (my uncle also has one, so that'll be rather easy to try). I'm much more of a fan of the Sig P226's aesthetics and grip shape, and will likely settle on a Tokyo Marui. I don't have issues with the other brands, but I do like the larger overall support for aftermarket parts (upgrading, or replacements), and the generally high recommendations their GBB pistols have. Similar to above, I don't want (or need) specific retailer information, but are they reasonably easy to find to test fit/feel?

If anyone's made it here, thanks for reading that wall of text. I have a habit of researching something in depth, before I actually delve into things... Being prepared and whatnot before getting my feet wet.

I greatly appreciate any help!
- Surnia

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