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Review-Green Taiwanese 0.25s

I picked up a sample of these from Storeskeeper to try out.

The BB's are a dark green colour, unlike the black AE stealth BBs. Apparently these BB's are "coated" to improve performance. I was initially weary of this "coating" because it seemed to rub off a bit on the plastic bag, leaving it slightly greenish.

Firing the BB's showed that they are indeed very stealthy. As you would imagine, they are nearly impossible to see in flight unless you are shooting across open field or up to the sky. These would be ideal for a longer barreled gun with good consistancy. My MP5 is a bit more inconsistant at longer ranges and therefore I wasn't able to "walk" these bbs to my target. A long barreled gun would maximize the benifit of having these BBs.

It also goes without saying that your scopes/sights should be properly sighted.

The bbs performed just as well as the KSC 0.25s that I was using shortly after.

Pricewise, they are good as well. $30 for 5000.

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