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Originally Posted by burnettkyle
Thetford Mines
Town in south Québec, Canada, and the site of the world’s largest asbestos deposits; population (2001 est) 16,600. It is situated on the River Bécancour, in the Notre Dame Mountains, 80 km/50 mi south of Québec. Thetford Mines is a regional service and mining centre. Dairying, sawmilling, and diverse manufactures also contribute to the local economy.

quick google search

That was kind of a rhetorical question, I saw that he was a member of a QC site, I could easily deduce from there that it was somewhere in or very close to QC. I was expressing my opinion of distain for the action by making a sarcastic comment (Which, given the oppertunity, I probably would boot fuck him for good measure).
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