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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I heard Vondnik got into real steel. I think he's the one who sold me my first AEG way back in the day. It used to be owned by a guy named Hellranger IIRC. A lot of history in that SOPMOD I have...

Did anyone here ever hangout with Kampfer? He's a cool guy. I think he's still around and goes to the odd game here and there but his job keeps him real busy. I talked to Optix a few months ago, sounds like he's a super busy dude with a career now. Willie W. from SpecArms isn't allowed to have contact with the community anymore but I remember someone mentioning that he's involved with JDM imports now.

more specifically, will was doing the "VIP" JDM thing, while i was importing JDM 300zx's at the same time, circa 2006-07 i believe.

i heard from milsig awhile ago jasper is in japan or china or something. shrug, he used to be my gundoc and got me a job in coquitlam casting lead hark, what a guy.

here, have some BC history:
mugenman, golem, orgymeyer, palko, the bad karma guys, BATMAN, Lupo....

honestjohn/hojo? i purchased his aps2 many moons ago and it came folded in half, thanks canada post. like $1100 gun

a friend of mine i lost contact with, whom i met through airsoft, contacted me a month or so ago, telling me he still has the mp5 he purchased from gooseman, minh le. blast from the past, anyone mention the god of counterstrike? whats he up to these days?


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