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Just some thoughts from a passive observer; someone who's not had a chance to do a "milsim" yet...

For me, approaching 2 years of playing airsoft, the reason this thread exists is a major reason I've not gone to any "milsims" yet. There seems to be a significant variety of milsim types, from the day-long skirms in urban settings to the crazy 48h+ games in wooded environments, all of which require different levels of preparation. It's hard for me to know which one's are noob-friendly, especially because most of my friends haven't done one either.

I started playing airsoft because I like strategy and tactics. As long as a game gives me strategic objectives I'm pretty much a happy dude. I've watched a lot of footage from American games, from MSW etc... I'm not a fan of those staged scenarios like what they had at faded giant in the Nuclear hostage scenario. Too much yelling, and to serious for my liking. It ends of feeling like a Call of Duty map; scripted and only one outcome...

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