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Airsoft is a hobby, an entertainment, and airsoft players are paying customers. As such, a certain level of fairness is expected. Comparing airsoft to real life or real combat is ridiculous. A host is an entertainment provider and a player's level of satisfaction should be one of his main concerns. If the player is happy with the game, regardless of the outcome, he will continue to attend. That being said, it is the player's duty to understand the host's expectations. Many people leave early during 18hr+ events. Those that leave due to fatigue or discomfort due to weather are guilty for the outcome themselves, mainly because of lack of preparation or experience. Fixing that problem is up to that individual player. However, there are those who choose to leave strictly because of their issues with the game. Fixing this issue may lay on the host himself.

To touch on the NVGs, they are a part of real military. Those seeking an event that provides an experience closer to the real military shoud expect and accept the use of NVGs. The player's satisfaction, however, still remains a priority. Perhaps the host could demand NVG/thermal users to identify themselves during registration and ensure fair use for both sides? It becomes tricky when only one group has them and wants to play on the same team, though.

Speaking of milsim, seems like just about any event other than a typical 9-4 skirmish game is now a milsim. There are a few issues I have with some games.

I'll start with the story itself. Somehow, nukes, chemical weapons, spies and double agents, combined with emerging factions battling governent forces all thrown into one game seems to be "as close to real combat as you can get" for those seeking feeling like a soldier for a day. Really? The background story doesn't have much impact on the gameplay, I get that. But if you advertise milsim as a game that simulates military, come up with likely scenarios someone serving in the military would face. For starters, treat a 24 hr battle as just that...nothing more. Attempting to throw in all these other world saving activities oversaturates the game in my opinion, and takes away from the realism. Simplicity goes long ways. Seizing a vital bridge or locating and eliminating an HVT visiting a village could be all the game is about.

Use of terrain is vital. Limited use of ammo is a must, I think everyone agrees on that. Have several approved HLS/ground routes as means of replenishing your ammo. It gives commanders secondary objectives they can engage, seize and hold at their own discretion in order to ensure primary objective being met.

Medic rules can be an issue sometimes. I can't stand seeing a guy get hit, only to have medic bandage him and he's suddenly cured and good to go. Not only does that NEVER happen in reality (realism at its finest), but it also elmininates the impact of a perfectly good hit. A casualty must be treated as casualty...period! Yes, have a bleedout time. Have a medic stop the bleeding by applying bandaid to the "wound" - that doesn't mean tapping a guy and you're good to go. That gives the casualty more time but he still needs to be evac'd out of there. Having a guy walk him back to the camp to respawn can to a degree simulate taking away fighting force with treating and evacuating the wounded. It puts commanders in situation where they have to decide when to push and when to focus on the casualties. Failing to keep a guy alive (bleedout) should have consequences. In airsoft, it's time off - that's a significant time off. Having troops killed should put a strain on the command at all levels. Bottom line....there is no way a guy should be able to continue playing from the spot he was hit.

Aaaand it's dinner time.
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