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Lots of butthurt in this thread.

Mislim is what you make it. The guys who can't or won't buy the toys need to step back from shitting on those that do. You are the reason why milsim has fallen into the dustbin of airsoft history, being supplanted by the over-entitled whiners bitching about "fairness" like it's a goddamned human right. Sorry, buttercups, life ain't fair, and neither is conflict, whether in real life or simulated on a nice and safe airsoft field. What we all want is honest play, do not confuse this with fairness.

We have literally abandoned retarded game ideas by admins (soccer ball at RAAT, anyone), wrote our own game on the fly and salvaged a boring skirmish game.

Prepare yourself mentally, equip yourself properly, treat yourself correct physically and do your job out there, regardless what it is.

Whiners have no place in milsim, stick to paintball.

To me, milsim is whatever I make out of any game. I don't care about backstory, like what faction of the Buttfuckerstan Militia stole nukes from the Greater Vaginaville armoury. Just give me an objective, point me in the right direction and let me do my job. Or not, and I will probably do it anyways.
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Never confuse freedom with democracy.

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